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In the name of actually making posts regularly I have removed any posts that reflect some kind of high conceptual intention. I still want to explore this site as a hub for my interest in customised online ecosystems, but that hasn't happened with my previous approach. So in the spirit of things that don't work and getting shit done here is a link to a list that I didn't get to the end of before posting this, number 31:

Waiting. Most people in history never had any forks in their road. “Following your dreams” was such an alien concept that it wouldn’t occur to anyone to be upset for not being able to do it. I suspect this wasn’t all that bad. (Sea otter dreams range from “eat some good gastropods” to “eat some good echinoderms” and they sure look happy.) That said, if you really want to do something, don’t wait for some unspecified time when it’s more convenient and then watch that time recede before you.

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