Kate Middleton has cancer and you're all jerks →

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Put aside for one second the concept of the Royals; their debt to society; their secrecy; philanthropy; what they have to cope with; or whether or not you even care.

I myself am not a Royal watcher. You don't have to be in this latest case that has swept everyone up and thrown in a heaping helping of AI panic to boot (I'm not linking it here, I have posts that will but they will be about our shared perception and not a woman with cancer).

What I want to say is this:

Every person whom took it upon themselves to super sleuth and sepculate why someone who simply fell in love and married that person — a person who lost their mother to the same behaviour — neede a few months in order to do justice to her small children (who would not say that this is her primary responsibility?), I say this:

Shame on you.

You bullied a woman with cancer and her young family. You can say that is her duty (yeah, I'm bringing that back), but there is little chance anyone would bully another woman with cancer and a young family to this degree and use the entire panic around the degredation of our shared reality to justify it.

That's all, you creeps.