If everyone simultaneously holds their breath for 30 seconds...

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... Elon Musk will cease to be.

Swamp Dogg - Count The Days (Featuring Jenny Lewis)

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New song from Swamp Dogg featuring gorgeous, gorgeous vocals from Jenny Lewis.

The little bit of Swamp being driven around at the start is people as I love to see them. With heart.

Kate Middleton has cancer and you're all jerks →

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Put aside for one second the concept of the Royals; their debt to society; their secrecy; philanthropy; what they have to cope with; or whether or not you even care.

I myself am not a Royal watcher. You don't have to be in this latest case that has swept everyone up and thrown in a heaping helping of AI panic to boot (I'm not linking it here, I have posts that will but they will be about our shared perception and not a woman with cancer).

What I want to say is this:

Every person whom took it upon themselves to super sleuth and sepculate why someone who simply fell in love and married that person — a person who lost their mother to the same behaviour — neede a few months in order to do justice to her small children (who would not say that this is her primary responsibility?), I say this:

Shame on you.

You bullied a woman with cancer and her young family. You can say that is her duty (yeah, I'm bringing that back), but there is little chance anyone would bully another woman with cancer and a young family to this degree and use the entire panic around the degredation of our shared reality to justify it.

That's all, you creeps.

uno momento... →

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In the name of actually making posts regularly I have removed any posts that reflect some kind of high conceptual intention. I still want to explore this site as a hub for my interest in customised online ecosystems, but that hasn't happened with my previous approach. So in the spirit of things that don't work and getting shit done here is a link to a list that I didn't get to the end of before posting this, number 31:

Waiting. Most people in history never had any forks in their road. “Following your dreams” was such an alien concept that it wouldn’t occur to anyone to be upset for not being able to do it. I suspect this wasn’t all that bad. (Sea otter dreams range from “eat some good gastropods” to “eat some good echinoderms” and they sure look happy.) That said, if you really want to do something, don’t wait for some unspecified time when it’s more convenient and then watch that time recede before you.

via Edith at [kottke.org]

Plato’s Cave Regrets to Inform You It Will Be Raising Its Rent →

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I have a bunch of bookmarks to post, and am missing the details on where I came across them. I will put up a bit of a blogroll so you can go check the blogs I have in my RSS feed. Hopefully that goes some way to making up for my lax archiving.

This is a fun one from Xu Mason over at the ever vital McSweeney's

To all inhabitants of Plato’s Cave,

If you are receiving this letter, it means you have been designated a tenant of the cave—i.e., you are chained to the wall, you are forced to watch shadows for all eternity, you are projecting said shadow puppets, and/or you are a philosopher who was able to break free and understand the true shackles of reality (PhD candidates about to argue their thesis). A New York Times Bestseller.

“This beautiful book is destined to be a classic.” —Buffalo News

We are writing this memo to introduce ourselves, the new property managers of Plato’s Cave, and to let you know that this fall your rent will be raised.

Red Hot Chili Peppers play a smoking cover of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" (video)

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via Boing Boing

At a 2006 performance in Copenhagen during Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante's first triumphant return to the band, the band busted out this smoking hot impromptu cover of Donna Summer's masterful Moog disco number "I Feel Love" (1977). It's a beautiful moment for Frusciante and Flea.

The band has since performed the song multiple times since Frusciante's second triumphant return in 2019.

One of the best songs written IMHO, and a gorgeous rendition to boot. This video of the RHCP is a short one, and I know you'll be ready to boogie down after it is done, so here 12" version of the original in all it's over-eight-minute glory.

Quote/Unquote - Del the funky homosapien →

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I'm really enjoying this whole series of short grab interviews exploring themes around hip hop. It is mostly a grab of three questions per artist featured, and seems to be about five questions in total. I admit that I wasn't totally impressed by the questions that have been asked, yet remains some extremely insightful comments around the nature of hip hop at this point (stated as the 50th anniversary of hip hop, anyone paying Herc yet?).

I'm a long term Del fan, so I would likely be biased to his views, though still wanted to share his take on these questions as they reflect an approach I aspire toward.

Based On A True Interpretation →

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Not only am I now keen on catching this movie, but Ernie over at Tedium has a very thoughtful take on the way these kinds of depictions of recent history are treated in light of the depicted individuals still being alive.

These kinds of forays seem indicative of the way global logic reifies sensational narratives. I'm yet to sort my thoughts, but there is something here that I want to write about eventually.

An Electric Vehicle in Every Garage

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Your EV, along with newly established conventions, is used as the power core to your home. Shelter and transport finally married in a way that tethers rather than mobilises. Everything that happens inside of your dwelling is now subject to collection. In this way, our homes have become the ground of absolute morality.

[door] 119-time travelling through dream terrains / door 119 by Hinako Omori →

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sharing this [door]

Thank you Hinako for being a Door. This is door 119, featuring: Laura Groves + Sampha, How To Dress Well, Wayne Phoenix, Romance and Dean Hurley, Trevor Powers, Art Tatum, Mort Garson, Martha Skye Murphy, Goldfrapp, Dylan Henner, Beverly Glenn-Copeland

[door] is a good one to have in your feed reader

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